03 October 2018

Convince yourself of the power of Equilibar® products

Equilibar application engineers can often judge if their instruments are going to perform well based upon your process data, the specifications of the instrument and a ton of experience. However, sometimes there are good reasons to test a unit in your application before making the investment. We are happy to let you know that we now have our back pressure regulators available for testing.

There are three occasions where the delivery of a test unit can be helpful.

1. When you have never used Equilibar products before and you would like to judge if the performance meets the requirements

In this case, we can often supply a standard trial unit for a certain period. Re-configuration of an Equilibar back pressure regulator is very easy and the number of models are limited. This makes us flexible in configuring a trial unit and keep the investment small. For setting up a trial delivery, we charge 10% of the value of the product. 

2. When the requirements of your application are on the edges of the predicted performance

The second case is almost the same as the first. The difference is that we will both gain knowledge. In those cases, we often suggest a free of charge trial delivery. In return, we would like to receive the results and potentially publish these results with a general description of your application on our website. If the test turns out to be successful the unit can be purchased. When you return the unit together with the collected data, we take it back against a 100% credit.

3. When there is no product available in our standard portfolio (yet)

In such a case, we need to engineer a new product for you that requires both factory validation and on-site testing. If a new type of instrument needs to be created, Equilibar is well equipped to provide a customized instrument that meets the requirements of new applications. Designing new or modifying current models is a daily routine. The cost of developing new models or adjusting existing models depends on a lot of parameters. Questions like, if the new model is solely for the requesting customer, if it can be added to our standard portfolio, the number of instruments, the amount of work needed to validate the performance, etc. will determine the eventual cost of the unit. We are always open to discuss the needs and find terms that meet both our goals.

In any case, it is advisable to check your requirements with our engineers. Chances are big that we already have a solution in our unpublished portfolio or we can meet them after making some small adjustments.

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You can also e-mail us at info@pressurecontrolsolutions.nl or call us at +31 318 25 00 50 to let us review your application.