About the Equilibar vacuum regulators for research  

Cv: 1E-8 to 0,07  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  Pressure range: – 1 barg to 0


Vacuum controllers can be crucial in research applications. Research applications often require high precision and reproducibility, but may also demand chemical inertness and thermal stability. Equilibar® dome-loaded vacuum regulators are ideal for these applications because they combine robustness with accuracy, whereas standard regulators usually only offer one of the two.

The vacuum regulators in the Equilibar Research Series can handle a wide range of flows and are available with a Cv range of 1E-8 to 0,07. Furthermore, our vacuum regulators can control a stable pressure with a Cv turndown ratio of 1:100.000. Our dome-loaded vacuum regulators only have one moving part: 1 diaphragm that seals the internal orifices. This ensures frictionless vacuum control, leading to very high precision.

Vacuum regulators are available in different materials

Because the regulators are available in several different metals, including stainless steel 316/316L, Hastelloy C276 and Monel, our vacuum controllers are highly chemical resistant and can be applied at temperatures up to 300°C. Equilibar vacuum regulators are also available in other materials like PVC, PEEK and PTFE.

Products in the EVR Series – vacuum regulators for research

For use in research vacuum applications, we highlight the following products because of  their ability to (i) quickly achieve a desired vacuum and (ii) control the vacuum with ultra-low flow and unsurpassed precision.

  • Similar to the LF (Low Flow) Units in the Research Series, the EVR-LF Unit controls pressure over a very large range of flow and pressure. This unit regulates precise setpoint pressure even when the flow rate varies over 5 decades. The turndown ratio is 1:100.000 and sometimes even more. Although the units are often used at the low end of their capacity, the maximum Cv value of this back pressure regulator is 0,07. This means that this instrument – when used in vacuum applications – can quickly achieve the desired vacuum level.
  • Like the HF (High Flow) units in the Research Series, the EVR-HF Units are an extension of the Research Series back pressure regulators. With 28 inlet orifices and 11 larger outlet orifices, it can digest more flow than any other research series back pressure regulator. With a Cv value of 0,6 the maximum flow will be higher than with the EVR-LF Unit, while the turndown ratio is still maintained at 1:100.000 and sometimes even more.

For higher flow rates you can look at the EVR-GSD2 up to EVR-GSD8 units, which are available up to a Cv value of 10 for 1” piping (see Vacuum regulators for pilot plants).

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Contact us to discuss your application requirements, so we can advise which product is the best fit for your application.

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