About the EVR series vacuum regulators

Cv: 1·E-03 to 160  |  Max temperature: 60°C  |  Pressure range: 0 to -990 mbar


In both research and industry, vacuum control is fundamental to certain applications and processes. These can be diverse and may range anywhere from vacuum distillation to food packaging and from vacuum drying to altitude simulations. In most cases, precision and stability are crucial.

Due to Equilibar’s ultra-sensitive dome-loaded back pressure technology, these dome-loaded back pressure regulators are specifically useful and suitable as vacuum regulators: Imagine the downstream pressure to be vacuum, instead of atmospheric, with a vacuum system downstream helping to pull the process media through the regulator. When the reference pressure is open to the atmosphere, the upstream pressure will be kept at atmospheric pressure. When the reference pressure is set below atmospheric pressure, the upstream pressure will follow with a 1:1 ratio. The reference pressure can be set manually or electronically in open or closed loop. Accurate (digital and analog) vacuum control thus becomes reality.

In vacuum control, the volume flow increases dramatically with the decrease of the absolute pressure. Cv calculations will show that often a rangeability of 1:1000 or more is needed to control a certain vacuum range with the same flow rate. Using split-range control valves is a common, but expensive solution. Equilibar vacuum regulators offer a single valve solution that covers the whole range. These vacuum pressure controllers can do so without losing performance in precision, thereby offering more value and efficiency.

Equilibar – advantages for vacuum applications

Applying the unique diaphragm sealed multiple orifice technology in vacuum, offers a list of advantages:

  • The Cv range of the vacuum controller is larger than any other valve available in the market;
  • Due to this large Cv range and the robust design, the regulator can handle two-phase flow;
  • Control precision and stability within a bandwidth of 0,1% can be achieved in closed-loop control with a connected pressure sensor;
  • Standard regulators are available made out of PVC, Alumina or SS316.
  • The wetted parts can be made out of polymeric and alloys, making these regulators specifically suitable for vacuum distillation and other complex applications.
  • Other materials available e.g. PTFE, PEEK, Hastelloy, Monel, Zirconium, etc.
  • ATEX vacuum regulators and corresponding (manual or) electronic reference controllers can be supplied.

Closed loop control prevents using oversized regulators. When pressure drop occurs over the valve, the reference pressure is automatically adjusted. This happens by measuring the process pressure and providing feedback to the electronic reference controller.

Available products

We offer a number of products that are suitable for vacuum applications:

  • Vacuum regulators for research read more
  • Vacuum regulators for pilot plants [under construction]
  • Vacuum regulators for industry [under construction]
  • Automated vacuum regulators (using our innovative electronic pressure controllers) [under construction]

If you want to learn more about high precision vacuum control, please contact us. Pressure Control Solutions can offer you product solutions for highly demanding applications that help you to get more out of your process.

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