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General info – Electronic Pressure Regulators

We offer a wide range of electronic pressure regulators. Generally, each electronic pressure regulator consists of a pressure sensor, a PID-controller and electronics that control a valve.

Please find below a further description of this technology as well as information about the various electronic pressure regulators we offer you.

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You can place the valve upstream or downstream of the sensor. Therefore it results in an electronic forward pressure reducing regulator or a back pressure regulator. Some models contain two proportional valves. You can use these instruments to control the pressure in a dead volume. The electronics will decide if the upstream valve or the downstream valve needs to open to increase or decrease the pressure in a volume. These regulators are often used to set the desired pressure in dome-loaded back pressure regulators. In addition, one of the advantages of these controllers is that they do not consume any inert gas while maintaining a pressure.

Besides single channel electronic pressure regulators, we also offer multi-channel units. Customers use these units often for high throughput catalytic systems where you can keep more reactors under pressure by Equilibar® back pressure regulators. You can use the multi-channel units to create a very stable pressure at the reference of a dome loaded valve.

You can find more in-depth information about electronic pressure regulators below; you can also have a look at the Multi-Channel Electronic Reference Controller.

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