About the Multi-Channel Electronic Reference Controller (ERC)

Cv: up to 6.6·10E-2  |  Max. Temperature: -10 /70°C  |  Max. Pressure: 700 barg


Catalysis researchers are often familiar with Equilibar® dome-loaded back pressure regulators. The robust design, excellent performance and wide operating range are fully adopted by the industry.

To address customer needs, PCS also developed a multi-channel electronic reference controller that enables automated control of reactor pressure in high-throughput-multi-reactor-systems, using Equilibar technology.

Find the product specifications below and read more about how the Multi-Channel ERC works.

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The design specifications are as follows:

  • Controller reference pressure up to 200 bar gauge
  • 1:100 turndown in pressure control (2…200 bar gauge)
  • Excellent stability and reproducibility (<0,1 bar)
  • Easy piping (one central inlet for 4…128 pressure reference controllers)
  • Low gas consumption by applying small bore capillaries. (Max 100 mln/min. Nominal 30 mln)
  • High safety standard
    – Controlled depressurization by design (dp/dt decreases during depressurization)
    – Safely vent chemicals by means of (centralized) captured vent
  • Analog by means of 4…20 mA or 0…5 (10 Vdc) signals
  • Adaptable for different digital control systems (most common communication protocols are available)
  • In-situ tuning and troubleshooting over RS-232 with diagnostics software

Our ERC-Multi-Channel Electronic Controller combines all this in one design.

How the unit is built up 

To start with, we have created a 4-channel manifold containing one centralized input and output. You can connect the units to each other to create an 8, 12, … up to 96-channel controller. The pressure sensor monitors the pressure in the dome of the Equilibar back pressure regulator and is connected to a PID-controller. The PID-controller controls the proportional valve that will increase the pressure in the dome. We restricted the flow by means of a precision capillary. You can select this restriction to meet the ideal consumption versus control speed ratio. Furthermore, you can easily replace it by changing the consumption and control speed. You can set the pressure by means of 0…5 (10) Vdc or 4…20 mA analog signals. Digital signals like Profibus, ProfiNet, EtherCat, Modbus and DeviceNet are available as well.

This results in a pressure controller with a stability and reproducibility of 0,1%. You can limit the flow consumption to 0…30 mln/min under nominal conditions. In addition, each unit is capable of controlling between 2…200 bar gauge. Although we equip the Equilibar back pressure regulators with a diaphragm that can withstand 4 times the maximum allowable working pressure, the harsh conditions that a back pressure regulator needs to withstand can cause damage to it. This could eventually lead to process media escaping through the reference port of the dome loaded regulator. Therefore, we capture the outlet of the capillaries to one central outlet that you can connect to the waste of your system. You can direct the media coming from your reactor safely to the vent of your system.

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