Cv: 4.3E10-3 up to 0.35  |  Max. Temperature: -5°C up to 60°C  |
Max. Pressure: -1 up to 70 barg


The PCS-DRP70 is a digital electronic dual valve electronic pressure controller configured and manufactured for PCS by Specken Drumag, containing some unique features. This unique product of Swiss/German quality starts at a vacuum and ranges up to 70 bar gauge. It is used to set the reference pressure in the Equilbar dome loaded BPR’s. The instruments are optimized to control a small dead volume. Another unique feature is the option to use an external sensor. This allows closed-loop control as well as the use of more sophisticated pressure sensors.

This type of dual valve controller provides 3 options for fail-safe settings:

  1. “Pressure maintain” – both valves close on failure and the pressure is maintained
  2. “Pressure release” – the outlet valve will open on failure and the pressure is released; reference pressure will be released quickly and the Equilibar® valve will open to release the pressure
  3. “Full pressure” – the inlet valve opens on failure; reference pressure will build up quickly and the  Equilibar® valve closes

This PCS-DRP70 digital electronic valve controller can be supplied with an optional USB cable and software for computer connection. With the software, you can plot the actual sensor and valve values and tweak the PID settings.

Combination of this type of electronic pressure controllers with the Equilibar Research Series BPR’s has demonstrated to be very successful in many R&D applications from vacuum up to 1000 psi, matching the pressure limits of the popular LF-, and HF-series Equilibar BPR’s.

Below you can find a summary of all benefits of the PCS-DRP70 digital electronic dual valve electronic pressure controller.

Via the tabs above you can browse Drumag’s brochure and installation and maintenance information for Drumag’s standard product RPD200, which was the basis for the development of our PCS-DRP70. For our PCS-DRP70 the orifice size and PID settings have been optimized for minimum dead volume.

This electronic pressure controller is a high-quality product with many beneficial features:

  • Available from 100 mbar abs up to 70 bar gauge;
  • Range adjustable – for example, a 0…70 bar g controller can be re-ranged to 0…35 bar g;
  • No bleed – minimal risk of contamination;
  • Larger orifices than some other electronic pressure controllers and thus less risk of clogging;
  • USB interface for monitoring and configuration;
  • Software selectable analog signals (0…10 Vdc | 4…10 mA | 0…20 mA);
  • Remote sensor for closed-loop optionally available;
  • European BSPP thread for use with a standard adapter with bounded o-ring;
  • M12x1 electrical connection (standard 5-meter cables available from stock);
  • IP65 protection class;
  • Fast delivery from a reliable and responsive European manufacturer;
  • All versions are CE compliant;
  • Affordable and cost-effective in most situations!

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