About the Dual Valve Electronic Pressure Controller

Cv: 10E-6…0.35  |  Max. Temperature: 70°C  |  Max. Pressure: 700 barg


Pressure Control Solutions offers a wide range of high precision electronic pressure controllers to create a stable pressure in a closed volume. This could be any volume that requires constant pressure, regardless of the environmental conditions and/or adiabatic compression or decompression. The Dual Valve Electronic Pressure Controller is one of the most convenient ways to pilot your Equilibar dome-loaded back pressure regulator. By controlling the small closed volume above the diaphragm of your back pressure regulator, your process will stay at constant pressure at all times.

A dual valve electronic pressure controller consists of a flow-body with a calibrated pressure sensor connected to a PID controller. The PID controller actuates one of the two proportional valves integrated into the body. The upstream valve opens to increase the pressure at the reference. The downstream valve opens to decrease the pressure. In a stable situation, both valves will close. Therefore there is no consumption of reference gas in steady state.

Temperature changes due to changing process conditions or (de)compression of the reference gas will be compensated by the highly accurate and powerful PID controller, that is adjusting the valves to set the required reference pressure.

On this page, we show you three options often chosen and highly valued by our customers. We are proud that these solutions were co-developed in partnership between PCS, Equilibar and renowned suppliers like Bronkhorst High-Tech, Alicat, and Specken Drumag. Innovation through collaboration!

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PCS – Electronic Pressure Controller –  Dual Valve Controller running at 150 barg hydrogen

Dual valve Vary-p electronic pressure controller DEMO