About Electronic Pressure Controllers and Regulators

Cv: 10E-6 … 0.35  |  Max. Temperature: -10°C … 70°C  |  Max. Pressure: 700 barg


Automated process and electronic control of the reference pressure

Do you need a pressure regulator to automate your process? Do you require optimal precision and repeatability for varying process conditions? Do you have multiple channels for which you want to control the pressure?

With an electronic pressure controller you can automate any back pressure regulator by supplying an electronically controlled reference pressure.

Pressure Control Solutions B.V. offers a wide range of electronic pressure controllers to combine with your back pressure regulator – we offer 5 different types, each with different characteristics, enabling customization and tailor-made solutions for your application.

Generally, each electronic pressure controller consists of:

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Automate your back pressure regulator: How does it work?

With the of use our electronic pressure controllers you can electronically pilot the reference pressure supplied to the back pressure regulator. Most electronic pressure controllers operate with an analog signal like 0…5(10) Vdc or (0)4 to 20 mA signal. Additionally, digital bus communication like EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Profibus, Modbus, CANopen, etc is also available on several models.

The valve can be placed upstream or downstream of the sensor, creating either an electronic forward pressure reducing regulator or a back pressure regulator.

Models that contain one valve usually have a constant bleed. The bleed allows the controller to keep the proportional valve in control all the time resulting in the highest possible stability. The downside of a single valve solution is the constant use of high-pressure gas.
Solutions containing two proportional valves can prevent such gas consumption. You can use these instruments to control the pressure in a dead volume. The electronics will decide if the upstream valve or the downstream valve needs to open to increase or decrease the pressure in a volume. These regulators are often used to set the desired pressure in dome-loaded back pressure regulators. The bandwidth in which both valves are closed and the consumption is 0, is often in the range of 0,1% of the full-scale value of the selected pressure controller.

Available products: Single valve and dual valve electronic pressure controllers | one- or multi-channel

Pressure Control Solutions offers different brands as well as solutions that we have developed ourselves. We help you to choose the electronic pressure controller that is right for your process.  Our product range for electronic pressure controllers is unique in the market and largely comes from (co-)development between PCS and our suppliers.

Besides single channel electronic pressure regulators, we also offer multi-channel units. Customers use these units often for high throughput catalytic systems where you can keep mulitple reactors under pressure by Equilibar® back pressure regulators. You can use the multi-channel units to create a very stable pressure at the reference of a dome loaded valve. Have a look at this PCS Electronic Reference Controller.

The selection of the right product for your application mainly depends on the pressure that you want to maintain at the reference of the back pressure regulator. If you need low pressure and you have machine shop air available, you might be less focused on consumption of air.
For higher pressures, consumption of air becomes more relevant. We have different solutions available that help keeping a close eye on the consumption of pressurized gas. Dual valve electronic pressure regulators are even available up to 700 bar gauge!

Applications with electronic pressure controllers

Our electronic pressure regulators have been successfully chosen and applied by our customers for a variety of applications. We welcome you to share your process and application requirements, so we can help you determine which electronic pressure controller is most suitable for you!

You can find more in-depth information about our different electronic pressure regulators below. Contact us if you would like to discuss your application requirements!

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