About the SD series single use back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-3 to 4.7  |  Max. Temperature: 60°C  |  Max. Pressure: 4 barg (60 PSI)


The SD series serves to accommodate the rapidly expanding requirements of BioPharma industry: Single use processes require lower cost components that can be sterilized through irradiation and disposed of after use. The Equilibar Single Use Design (SD Series) offers USP Class VI polymers that can be sterilized as an assembly. The wetted components and diaphragm are disposable and are inserted into a permanent support housing, with sanitary clamp connection for quick and easy assembly. Assembly is very easy to do as is demonstrated in the video:

The regulators in this SD Series combine ease of use with excellent stability and smooth computer automation. Optionally, they are also available in a sterilized version (Gamma radiation). Sanitary certifications are available upon request. More product information and key advantages of the SD Series are discussed in this introduction blog by Mitch Spronck. 

Applications for Single Use Design

This Equilibar SD back pressure valve is available in several port orientations and designs, to allow customization to the needs of your particular application. Because of the characteristics of this Single USe Design, it is particularly suitable in, for example, control of the transmembrane pressure in tangential flow filtration control applications and chromatography columns applications.


See for more information the specifications in the tables below – click on table 1 to download the brochure.

Specifications Single Use SD Series

Specifications Single Use SD Series

Single_Use_ example_flows_15psig

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