About the U10L back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-06 to 0.01  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 690 barg (10.000 PSI)


This U10L back pressure regulator is part of the ultra low flow series. Therefore, customers use these units in applications where ultra low flow is required. The unit can withstand 690 bar (10.000 PSI) gauge. When this unit is designed with a PEEK or stainless steel diaphragm, it is able to hold pressure with only a fraction of a milliliter per minute flow. The Cv range for this model is from 1·E-06 to 0.01. Customers who use these units are often in core analysis research or other ultra-high-pressure applications.

Check out the explanation of the Ultra-Low-Flow series in this video.


Also in the ultra low flow series, we offer the U3L units, that can withstand 206 bar (3000 PSI) and the U6L units, that can withstand 412 bar (6000 PSI).

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