About the Low Flow series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-08 to 0.07  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 690 barg (10.000 PSI)


The Low Flow regulators (or: standard multi-orifice regulators) in the Equilibar® Research series are most popular because they serve almost every research application. For instance, they can achieve stable pressure control in ultra low flow applications from subatmospheric pressure up to 690 bar (10.000 psi).

The unit, based on the multiple orifice concept, have four inlet orifices. Therefore, it is similar to all other research series back pressure regulators. The outlet contains two orifices, making it more suitable for two-phase flow. The diaphragm is pushed slightly into the orifices creating an almost perfect seal and great low flow performance. Furthermore, these back pressure regulators can control stable pressure over a Cv range of 1:100.000 in open loop control.

The Low Flow series is available in 69 bar (1000 PSI), 206 bar (3000 PSI), 412 bar (6000 PSI) and 690 bar (10.000 PSI). We also offer a miniature back pressure regulator in this series with a pressure of 137 bar (2000 PSI). Furthermore, they all have a temperature range from -20°C up to 700°C.

Check out the explanation of the Low Flow series in this video:

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