About the UHT back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-0.5 to 0.07  |  Max. Temperature: 650°C  |  Max. Pressure: 400 barg


This UHT (Ultra High Temperature) unit is also an extension of the HT Series. These back pressure regulators are fitted with c-seal inconel silver plated metal o-rings in combination with full metal diaphragms. The combination of metarials enables these Equilibar regulators to withstand temperatures up to 650°C, and in some cases even up to 700 °C.

Please contact us to dicuss your aplication: In practice, most high temprature applications can be serviced with more cost-efficient product options like the High Temp units or other units from the Research Series. High temperature is often considered a requirement because of the assumption of condensation being problematic for the control stability. Equilibar back pressure regulators however have the unique capability of handling two-phase-flow.

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