About the HF back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-0.5 to 0.6  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 68 barg (1000 PSI)


The HF (High Flow) units are an extension of the research series back pressure regulators. With 28 inlet orifices and 11 larger outlet orifices, it can digest more flow than any other research series back pressure regulator. All these orifices increase the maximum capacity of the unit up to a maximum Cv of 0,41. However, the turndown ratio is still maintained at 1:100.000 and sometimes even more. Therefore it is often used at the low end of its capacity. If you use the unit with its maximum pressure, it can digest up to 1250 ln/min air or 330 ln/hour water without exceeding 1 bar pressure drop. When you use it in open loop the unit goes down to 30 mln/min Air or 8 mln/hour water. When you require lower flows, you need to select the LF units. For higher flow rates you can look at the GS series which are available up to a Cv value of 10 for 1” piping.

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