About the High Flow series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-0.5 to 0.6  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 412 barg (6000 PSI)


The Equilibar® High Flow series is a very compact multi-orifice back pressure regulator. Equilibar built this series on a very small footprint.  It has a Cv of 0,4. Like all Equilibar back pressure regulators, the rangeability surpasses any other traditional valve. The minimum Cv value of the units, in open loop control, is 10E-5. This means that you can control the upstream pressure of the unit with a very large turndown ratio while varying the flow over a wide range as well.

The High Flow series is available for different pressure rating. The standard units go up to 69 bar gauge (1000 PSI). We rated the medium pressure unit, called the H3PF2, up to 206 bar gauge (3000 PSI). We rated the high-pressure units, called the H6PF3, up to 412 bar gauge (6000 PSI).

The typical applications for high flow units are Fuel cells test equipment, high-pressure pump testing and catalyst research on pilot plant scale.

Check out the explanation of the High-Flow series in this video:

High flow units are commonly used. If you are interested to test the performance of such unit we might be able to arrange a trial delivery from our stock.


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