About the Research series back pressure regulators

Cv: 0 to 0.6  |  Max. Temperature: 450°C  |  Max. Pressure: 690 barg (10.000 PSI)

Key Advantages of the Research Series back pressure regulators

The Research Series back pressure regulators have outstanding performance with excellent rangeability, stability and precision. Furthermore, these back pressure regulators are often a “one size fits all” solution across a wide range of flow rates.

Visualization Cv Range Research Series back pressure regulators

Visualization Cv Range Research Series back pressure regulators

Because of this wide flow range (see picture – click on the picture to enlarge), an Equilibar valve can replace multiple valves with a single unit. Four of the models in this series can even cover a Cv range from 10·E-11 up to 0,6. In addition, these four models still have a large overlap, while they have a broad Cv range.

Technical specifications and example applications such as catalyst research reactors and reservoir core analysis are explained in the Research Series brochure (available for download via the BROCHURE tab above).

Specifications and process parameters can also be explored further in our

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Check out the explanation of the Research-Series in this video or browse the VIDEO tab at the top of this page for more videos.

Suitable for a broad range of applications

Equilibar® Research Series back pressure regulators are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The Research Series has been specifically designed for gas, liquid, and mixed phase applications where precision and consistency are critical. The unique, patented multi‐orifice technology has an extremely wide flow range and superior two phase flow performance. Because of the wide variety of material options, the chemical compatibility of these regulators is extremely good: Depending on your process medium, we can select appropriate materials in almost any situation.

Applicable even for uncertain process conditions

In practice, the conditions under which a future (experimental) process will operate are often unknown when preparing to build such application. The optimal process conditions often are the parameters that need to be investigated after the set-up is built. Research Series back pressure regulators are a good fit precisely when process conditions are so uncertain. The back pressure regulators in the Equilibar ® Research Series are particularly useful to maintain a large variation in design specifications and enable the application of very broad process parameters. A large turndown ratio in pressure range and flow range as well as a large variation in density and viscosity of the process media are possible. These back pressure regulators are an optimal fit for researchers and (process) engineers who do not want to limit operating conditions before start an experiment. These valves allow engineers to try all possible variations in flow rate, pressure range, and media density and viscosity.

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