About the GS8 series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-02 to 8.50  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 172 barg (2500 PSI)


The GS8 series is the largest unit in the Equilibar® general service series. The maximum Cv is 8.5. We can supply these units in 3 pressure ratings: 17 bar gauge (250 PSI), 51 bar gauge (750 PSI) and 172 bar gauge (2500 PSI). The GS8 can process a large amount of liquid, gas, or liquid/gas combination as well as supercritical media. Since you use these units in big pilot plants and small production plants, the media is not always perfectly clean.

The construction of the valve is very robust. Applications where the media contains solids are common for these regulators. Where traditional valves fail or get blocked completely, Equilibar’s multi-orifice design with only one moving diaphragm covering a large number of orifices proves to be a robust solution. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) has shown much better figures than any traditional process valve.

In addition to industrial applications, customers often use these GS regulators in high gas flow applications controlling pressure with a very small delta-P. Large fuel cells systems, burner applications and pump loop control are common applications for this regulator.

If a Cv of 8.5 is too large for your application, we can select a smaller unit from the general service series or step down to the research series.

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