About the GS6 series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-02 to 5.50  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 206 barg (3000 PSI)


The GS6 series of Equilibar® are available in 3 pressure ratings. First of all, the one up to 27 bar (400 PSI), the second one up to 55 bar (800 PSI) and furthermore the one up to 200 bar (3000 PSI). In addition, the amount of flow this back pressure regulator can control is very large. Especially if you look at the footprint (resp. 152, 159 and 163 mm) of the unit. Thanks to the multi-orifice design, the maximum Cv is 5.5. With a minimum Cv of 1·E-02 it has a turndown ratio of 1:500 that surpasses any other traditional globe valve in its segment. A huge benefit of the multi-orifice construction is creating the large flow rangeability so the unit can handle both liquid, gas and even two phase flow. Some applications even run on three phase flow.

We see that customers use this unit in pump control, to create a stable pressure when you position it in a bypass loop. Medium to large scale Fuel cell systems are often equipped with these units in order to increase the efficiency.


Body material like 316L dual certification alloy, Hastelloy and even zirconium are available. For low pressure, we can offer anodized Alumina as well. When you apply the unit as a vacuum regulator, PVC might do the job. You can choose the diaphragms from a wide range of material. Glass reinforced PTFE is a favorable material because it is string, chemically inert, slightly corrective and affordable. However, the temperature has a limit of 175°C. Above these temperatures, we can use Polyimide or stainless steel or other alloys. Up to 300°C we can use Kalrez 7075 o-rings. For processes running at a maximum temperature of 200°C, Viton o-rings can be applied. With all these possibilities available you can configure your regulator exactly to the desired specification.

The regulator can handle a certain amount of particles depending on the size, amount and nature of it. When you have an application with abrasive solids, please let us know. There are special hardened orifice plates available to reduce maintenance interval dramatically.

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