About the GS4 series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-03 to 3.20  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 103 barg (1500 PSI)


The GS4 series is available in 2 different pressure levels. The first pressure stage can handle pressures up to 34.5 bar (500 PSI). The second unit, which is slightly thicker and with stronger bolts can handle 103 bar (1500 PSI). When you need higher pressures, we can provide this at your request. Larger models can handle even higher pressure. The larger GSD6 (with a ¾” process connection and a Cv of 5.5) is available up to 200 bar gauge.

The ½” process connection combined with a maximum Cv of 3,2 guarantees a high flow with a small pressure loss. With a footprint of only 114 mm (or 127 mm for the high pressure version) it consumes a fraction of the space and weight of a traditional globe valve. We see a lot of interest in applications for vacuum distillation and fuel cell pressure control. By changing the diaphragm you can easily change the pressure range of the regulator to being capable of holding 100 bar to vacuum. The high rangeability allows very precise pressure control over a wide range of flow and pressure. By using the right pilot controller you can also sweep from vacuum to positive pressure seamlessly.

Since the back pressure regulators are used a wide variety of applications, they are stocked in a lot of different materials. Where stainless steel 316 and Hastelloy are a standard in the chemical industry, PTFE can be used in vacuum distillation. In a vacuum control system with air, PVC and alumina are good alternatives.

When the Cv value of the GSD4 is not large enough, you can select the GSD6 or GSD8 for higher capacities.

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