About the General Service series back pressure regulators

Cv: 1·E-03 to 8.50  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 206 barg (3000 PSI)


The GS (General Service) Series offers a wide range of dome loaded control valves for installations requiring high precision control of gas, liquid and mixed-phase flow. The valves are available from ¼” up to 1” (inch) line size. These line sizes are very common in pilot and other small-scale production plants.

Resulting from this unique multiple orifice design, the capacity of this Equilibar valve goes from a Cv-value of 1 up to 10, on a limited footprint. Furthermore, the rangeability surpasses that of traditional control valves. Where standard globe valves often offer a rangeability if 1:40, a single Equilibar® dome loaded control valve can offer 1:10.000 and often 1:100.000. This explains how an Equilibar valve is capable of handling both liquids and gases with one single valve.

Construction and possible configurations of the GS Series regulators

The robust design of the general service series is available for low pressure applications, controlling only a few cm water column up to 200 bar gauge. Especially relevant is that the diaphragm – sealing the orifices –  is the only moving part. In the different models, the size and number of the availabble orifices are varied.
Standard units are suitable for process conditions up to 175°C with PGL (PTFE glass reinforced) diaphragms and Viton o-rings. Equilibar® GS units equipped with metallic (or polyimide) diaphragms and Kalrez o-rings can handle process conditions up to 300°C.

Units can be built out of many types of material, including stainless steel 316, Hastelloy, PTFE, anodized aluminum and polymeric materials like PVC, PEEK and PVDF. The process connections are standard in NPT or BSPP female thread. Custom flanges are also available on request.

In some cases we also design something new: A special GSDH2 back pressure regulator was designed to handle a pressure of 250 bar gauge at a maximum of 300°C, with a required Cv of 1.7. You can more information about this in our blog: “Special GSDH2 Back Pressure Regulator”.

Smaller or larger alternative for optimal integration in your process application

If you require lower capacity valves, the Research Series probably offers what you are looking for. The Cv in the research series valves ranges from 0 to 0.6. Higher capacities are available in the BD Series. Because the technology is scalable, Equilibar offers larger units in the BD Series up to 4” piping with a capacity Cv of 160.

You can find more in-depth information about the various back pressure regulators in the GS Series through the below listed product pages.

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