About the FDO8 series back pressure regulator

Cv: 1·E-3 to 8.0  |  Max. Temperature: 150°C  |  Max. Pressure: 10 barg (150 PSI)


The FDO8 is a sanitary back pressure regulator designed for liquid pressure control in the biopharma and sanitary processes. 1” sanitary Tri-Clamp connections are standard on these devices. The simple diaphragm design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The FDO8 units is a medium flow back pressure regulator that is often seen in pilot plants and small production plants. The unit has got a Cv rang from 1·E-3 up to 8. This means that it has got a turndown ratio of 1:8000. The units are typically used in a range from 40 ml/min up to 350 l/min water. Lower flows are easy to achieve by creating a closed loop control. This rangeability is often ideal for Steam In Place (SIP) and Clean In Place (CIP) procedures. The low flow is used during a standard process run and the large capacity allows purging with high flows. The diaphragm is the only moving part making the regulator to respond incredibly quick to any change in process conditions. A small movement of the diaphragm enables the unit to release a very large amount of flow.

This model is standard available in SS316 or Hastelloy 276. The diaphragm is made out of USP Class VI PTFE. O-rings, like Kalrez 6230 or PEF encapsulated O-rings are used and FDA approved.

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