About the BD-series back pressure regulators

Cv: 14 to 160  |  Max. Temperature: 300°C  |  Max. Pressure: 10 barg (150 PSI)


The BD-Series is the largest equilibar back pressure regulator series.

The line sizes vary from 1.5″ to 4″ in diameter. These line sizes are very common in production and large-scale pilot plants. Its design features make the products in this series particularly suitable for use in higher flow applications and industrial environment.

Rangeability of the products in this series surpasses that of traditional control valves. Where standard globe valves often offer a rangeability of 1:40, a single Equilibar® dome loaded control valve can offer 1:10.000 and often even 1:100.000. This explains how an Equilibar valve is capable of handling both liquids and gases with one single valve.


The BD-series have a diameter between 9.5” and 20”. The design is different from other Equilibar series: The inlet and outlet are at the bottom of the unit. To save space in the process line, external pipe elbows are welded or glued to the bottom. The process connections are standard in NPT or BSPP female threaded. Custom flanges are also available on request and can be welded to the elbows.

The robust design of this series back pressure regulators is available for low-pressure applications, controlling only a few cm water column up to 10 bar gauge. Especially relevant is that a diaphragm, which seals a large number of orifices, is the only moving part. In the different models, the size and number of the orifices are varied. Standard units are suitable for process conditions up to 175°C with PGL (PTFE glass reinforced) diaphragms and Viton O-rings.

When equipped with metallic (or polyimide) diaphragms and Kalrez o-rings, the Equilibar back pressure regulators can handle process conditions up to 300°C. Units can be built using different materials like stainless steel 316, anodized aluminum, Hastelloy, Titanium, Zirconium and PVC.

If you require lower capacity valves, the General Series probably offers what you are looking for. The Cv in the general series valves ranges from 1·E-03 to 8.50.

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