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The explanation of an Equilibar® back pressure regulator

An Equilibar back pressure regulator is an instrument that maintains the upstream pressure at its own inlet. When the pressure at the inlet exceeds the pressure set at the reference, the valve will open to relieve pressure. Equilibar back pressure regulators control the inlet pressure (upstream) by opening up just enough to hold back the wanted inlet pressure (upstream).

These unique dome-loaded back pressure regulators work by a remarkable force balance on a flexible diaphragm between three different pressures. The lower pressure at the outlet attempts to hold the diaphragm in a leak-tight seal with the orifice. A slight excess between the fluid inlet pressure and the reference pressure rapidly overwhelms these seating forces and lifts the diaphragm off the orifices. The result is an incredibly fast response, maintaining the inlet pressure in a tight equilibrium with the pressure set at the reference.

An Equilibar back pressure regulator compared with a traditional back pressure regulator

A traditional back pressure regulator uses springs to set the upstream pressure. The change in the spring force as it is compressed is a major source of error or overpressure in a traditional design. The Equilibar back pressure regulators use a thin flexible diaphragm as the only moving part. Therefore it allows the unit to have frictionless operation without cracking pressure or hysteresis. The unique Equilibar multi-orifice design gives an ultra-wide flow range, typically 100X wider than a traditional back pressure regulator.

Equilibar back pressure regulators outperform other designs in applications with low flow rates, mixed phase fluids, corrosive media, or extreme temperatures. The Equilibar back pressure regulator provides an unmatched stability through flow rate ranges as wide as 1000:1 and 100,000:1.

The precision of the Equilibar back pressure regulator is primarily limited by the accuracy of the reference set-point on the dome. You can apply the reference set-point pressure by a manual forward pressure reducing regulator or with an electronic pressure controller. Electronic regulators provide the most flexibility and the most accurate result.

In sophisticated pilot plant and R&D processes where you require maximum performance, stability, accuracy, and reproducibility, we recommend closed loop control between the actual process pressure and the reference pressure. Contact us for more information on closed-loop control.

You can find more in-depth information about the various back pressure regulators below.

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