Explanation of an automated control system

If you have an automated process, you can use electronic pressure controllers. Pressure Control Solutions offers a wide range of electronic pressure controllers. We can help you in making the right choice. Most electronic pressure controllers operate with an analog signal like 0…5(10) Vdc or (0)4 to 20 milliamp signal. Digital bus communication systems are available on several models.

The selection is mainly based on the pressure you want to maintain at the reference of the back pressure regulator. If you need low pressure and you have machine shop air available you might be less focused on consumption of air. For higher pressures, this becomes more relevant. There are different solutions available keeping a close eye on the consumption of pressurized gas. Standard DUAL valve electronic pressure regulators are available up to 200 bar gauge. These regulators are designed to set the reference pressure with very limited consumption of pressurized gas. A DUAL valve pressure controller contains an accurately calibrated pressure sensor combined with the PID controller and two proportional valves. The setpoint can be given analog or digitally. The measured value will be compared with the actual value. If the reference pressure is too low, the upstream valve opens to increase the reference pressure. Only when the measured value is too high, the downstream valve will open. Under normal conditions, at stable pressure, both valves are closed reducing flow consumption to zero.

From a consumption point of view, a dual valve controller is the best solution. An alternative would be to remove one proportional valve and create a constant bleed. Besides reducing the cost, some applications benefit technically from having only one valve. One of the advantages is that we can tune this regulator to be always in control. Compared to a dual valve controller, where both vales will be closed, a single valve solution with a bleed will always have a valve slightly opened being able to control more precise.

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