Explanation of how to pilot your back pressure regulator

Equilibar® dome-loaded back pressure regulators offer high precision and repeatability. The back pressure regulator holds its upstream pressure typically within 0,2% of the applied reference pressure in research applications. Setting a stable reference pressure is key to get the most out of the performance of your back pressure regulator. And so, the best performance of your process.

There are different methods on how to supply the reference pressure to your dome-loaded back pressure regulator. For starters, it is good to know that the compressibility of the media that you use in the reference helps to get good performance. The most common methods are therefore based upon applying a gas as a pilot media. In some applications, you can use liquids.

Manual or electronic pressure control

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to regulate manually (with a forward pressure reducing regulator) or automatically (with an electronic pressure regulator). Read more about manual control here and read more about automated control here. Below you can find more in-depth information about these options. Pressure Control Solutions offers a range of electronic pressure controllers, including single valve and dual valve controllers.

In the below video we demonstrate using a (manual) forward pressure reducing regulator to set the pressure. This is connected to the reference port of the back pressure regulator and sets the required pressure on the dome of the back pressure regulator. If you forward to 0:33 in the video you can see this explanation (till 0:43).

The working of an Equilibar Dome Loaded Back Pressure Regulator

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