06 May 2019
From the beginning of PCS, we have had many interesting and productive encounters with a wide variety of customers in Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The range of innovative industrial companies and successful research institutions in this part of Europe is impressive!
To strengthen the partnership with our DACH customers, we have engaged a new colleague, dedicated to the German-speaking markets and working out of our German office: Matthias Bogar.
Matthias is an engineering professional with a degree from Hochschule RheinMain. He has evolved during his previous career in the chemicals industry into an experienced project and process manager. His skills and experience include petroleum, gas, water treatment, occupational health, and environmental awareness.
Matthias is looking forward to liaise with you – in either German or English – in order to get to the bottom of your specific application and help you to meet the most challenging process requirements with our proven technology and innovative products.

Welcome Matthias!

Want to connect with Matthias?
M +49 151 61064181