13 June 2017

Our high temperature back pressure regulators are now resistant to 700°C!

The Equilibar® high temperature back pressure regulators are now also available with c-seal metal o-rings. We are able to bring the high temperature back pressure regulator up to 700°C at a maximum pressure rating of 70 bar. This is possible because of the metal o-rings in combination with full metal diaphragms. We also offer possibilities if your application requires higher pressure. We can still provide solutions up to 400 bar with a temperature limit of 600°C. If your pressure is up to 680 bar, we can offer solutions with a temperature limit of 550°C.

To further evaluate these new abilities we might be looking for you! We need applications operated by innovative researchers with an early adopters attitude. Would you like to run your application at a high temperature? Are you willing to test a unit and share the results with us? Please let us know via info@pressurecontrolsolutions.nl or call us at +31 318 250050. We will inform you about our early adopters’ trail conditions.