15 August 2018

New 2D dimensional drawings are now available on our website

As an addition to the already existing 3D models, we added new 2D dimensional drawings for certain units to our website. The drawings show the dimensions in centimeters of different Equilibar® Back Pressure Regulators. You can open the 3D models as a .STP file and the 2D dimensional drawing as a .PDF file.

At the moment we offer a 2D dimensional drawing for the below units. If you click on one of the below links, you will be forwarded to the correct webpage, if you click on the tab ‘drawings’ you can find the 3D models and 2D dimensional drawings. If you prefer a dimensional drawing in inches or if you have any other questions, please let us know at info@pressurecontrolsolutions.nl.

LF units
HF units
GSD2 units
GSD3 units
GSD4 units
GSD6 units
GSD8 units