Corona COVID19 components for medical ventilators

About COVID19 & Pressure Control Solutions: Innovation and product development

This page has been published to:

  • Provide information about our efforts for “OperationAir” to help solve pressure control challenges related to medical ventilator equipment and our product innovation and product development that resulted from this project.
  • Introduce to you relevant products for use in medical ventilators designed by Equilibar .

Since the outbreak of the corona virus – or to be more precise: SARS-COV-2 – causing a global pandemic of the disease called COVID19, the demand for readily available ventilator machines has rapidly grown. It has become painfully apparent that the existing installed base of medical equipment in hospitals and care facilities around the globe was by far not sufficient to satisfy patient needs and both healthcare providers as well as policy makers in all countries fear for further shortages as the number of patients increase. Because of this, designers, developers and engineers in all corners of the world have joined forces resulting in a wide range of initiatives aiming to ensure that hospitals and other healthcare providers have enough ventilators to treat patients suffering from respiratory problems caused by COVID19.

As Pressure Control Solutions, we have not been active in the medical device industry before. Nevertheless, we have been asked to contribute to a ventilator development project in the Netherlands. We recognized that we have relevant knowledge and access to relevant products, enabling us to make a meaningful contribution to solving the pressure control challenges encountered in ventilator design.

Pressure Control Solutions & OperationAir

OperationAIR is an initiative from the Technical University Delft (NL) to design, develop and ultimately produce cost-effective and simple-to-use respiration apparatus that can be made available on relatively short term, in view of the above mentioned shortage of equipment in Intensive Care Unit’s in hospitals. You can read more about OperationAir and the use of our components for pressure control in the development of the AirOne in this blog.

Equilibar ventilator valves

Separate from the project PCS got involved in, our partner Equilibar has also been working to develop valves that could be used as components for alternative ventilator systems. They now offer a number of products designed for this purpose, including the  Ultra-Sensitive Dome-Loaded Back Pressure Regulator RV-22, the Ultra-Sensitive Dome-Loaded Back Pressure Regulator RV-19, and the rvp knob-adjusted precision pressure regulators. Read more on the Equilibar COVID19 page or in this guest blog by Jeff Jennings on this website.

Important update – FDA approval for SuppleVent™

After months of intense research and development efforts, Equilibar announced on June 9 that the US Food and Drug Administration had granted Emergency Use Authorization for the BioMedInnovations (BMI) SuppleVent™, a ventilator system that utilizes Equilibar® patented back pressure regulator technology.

Equilibar SD Series single use pressure regulators

Also read our blog about the innovative SD Series single use pressure regulators that can be particularly useful in e.g. filtration skids for large scale inexpensive drug/vaccine manufacturing. A wide range of initiatives has been launched since the COVID19 outbreak and many companies and researchers around the world have recognized the SD series single use pressure regulators from Equilibar to be extremely helpful in this regard.

Equilibar ® SD Series: Single Use Pressure Regulators

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have pressure challenges of your own – we are happy to offer our knowledge and experience!