Armand Bergsma

Director & Sales

Armand graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 1999. He then worked 16 years as an outside sales engineer and managing director for Bronkhorst before founding Pressure Control Solutions. As a result, Armand has a lot of experience with selling mass flow- and pressure control solutions. He focuses on high-value solutions for his customers, such as back pressure regulators combined with electronic control valves.

Besides fulfilling process automation control challenges, he is also a passionate guitarist who loves to play blues-rock whenever his busy family life allows him to.

Matthias Bogar

Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Matthias joined the team early 2019 in order to serve our growing customer base in the German speaking part of Europe. With his knowledge in process engineering and his extensive international experience in project management and application design, he is keen to work with our customers on the basis of knowledge sharing and partnership. He guides and advises customers to identify the products that serve the customer’s needs best.

Being a father of 2 kids, Matthias enjoys spending time outside. He likes being active, and is working towards making his house more and more energy efficient.

Mitch Spronck

Application Engineer

Mitch joined Pressure Control Solutions in August 2019 as Application Engineer.In putting together product configurations for quoations, he always tries to develop the most adequate and efficient solution for customers. With his chemical and materials background, he has a good understanding of uncommon chemical compounds and several types of polymers.

Before joining PCS, Mitch acted as a branch manager and students tutor in Chemistry and other Sciences. He was educated both at the University of Cologne and Maastricht University as an inorganic chemist and specialized in organometallic catalysis and synthesis of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

Mitch’ greatest passion is football. He likes traveling to big cities, but also appreciates a good movie in his spare time.

Rajesh Sethuraman

Application Engineer

Rajesh joined PCS in September 2020, immediately after graduating from TU Eindhoven where he completed the Master’s program Systems & Control. Rajesh is passionate about precision control and in his role of application engineer he supports customers and account managers with any pressure, flow or level control issues. His knowledge in the area of Industrial Automation is definitely an asset looking at our growing focus on electronic pressure controllers.

Outside his engineering work for PCS, Rajesh is busy exploring all aspects of Dutch culture and living in NL.

Cor Bosboom


Cor has been part of the team since January 2017, when he started working for us as an application engineer. He verifies that requested applications actually work in practice and he works on developing new products.

Cor has 35 years of experience in the technical industry, following his career at Brooks Instruments. Before, he worked as an engineer and handled the electro assembly, PCB assembly, calibration. Also, he prepared and drew different applications.

Cor likes to spend time with his family and he likes to travel to nice places in the Netherlands and beyond. In his spare time Cor likes to make trips on his motorbike and watch sports.

Sem van de Peut

Junior Engineer

Late 2019, Sem joined our team as a trainee and we decided not to let him go: Sem is a student at the Technova College in Ede where he is in his 2nd year of a 4-year-Mechatronics program. Moreover, Sem is a bright and friendly personality works with PCS parttime on projects related to product development and the testing and validating of new product applications.

Ramona Schoonderbeek

Back office

Ramona joined Pressure Control Solutions in 2017 in the administration department. She has more than 10 years of administrative experience and has worked at several companies that were operating in national and international markets.

Ramona is responsible for preparing quotations to our customers and she makes sure all the paperwork is correctly filled in for every order. Ramona is also partially responsible for the financial department.


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