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  • PCS Germany (Region DACH)
  • +31 318 25 00 50

    Address Stationsstraat 72 3905JK VEENENDAAL The Netherlands

    Chamber of Commerce 73807435 (NL)

    Armand Bergsma

    Owner & Sales

    Armand graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 1999. He then worked 16 years as an outside sales engineer and managing director for Bronkhorst before founding Pressure Control Solutions. As a result, Armand has a lot of experience with selling mass flow- and pressure control solutions. He focuses on high-value solutions for his customers, such as back pressure regulators combined with electronic control valves.

    From the time Armand founded Pressure Control Solutions until now he hired 4 team members to bring this company to a higher level.

    Besides fulfilling process automation control challenges, he is also a passionate guitarist who loves to play blues-rock with his band.

    Matthias Bogar

    Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland

    Matthias joined the team early 2019 in order to serve our growing customer base in the German speaking part of Europe. With his knowledge in process engineering and his extensive international experience in project management and application design, he is keen to work with our customers on the basis of knowledge sharing and partnership. He guides and advises customers to identify the products that serve the customer’s needs best.

    Being a father of 2 kids, Matthias enjoys spending time outside. He likes being active, and is working towards making his house more and more energy efficient.

    Cor Bosboom


    Cor has been part of the team since January 2017, when he started working for us as an application engineer. He verifies that requested applications actually work in practice and he works on developing new products.

    Cor has 35 years of experience in the technical industry, following his career at Brooks Instruments. Before, he worked as an engineer and handled the electro assembly, PCB assembly, calibration. Also, he prepared and drew different applications.

    Cor likes to spend time with his family and he likes to travel to nice places in the Netherlands and beyond. In his spare time Cor likes to make trips on his motorbike and watch sports.

    Peter Hendriks van Warbij

    Engineering & Sales

    Peter joined us in the beginning of June 2018 and will be helping in guiding and advising customers to select the right solutions. He will focus on sales and consulting for our specialty products. He is driven to translate insights into better user experiences and new product offerings. With experience in programming and design he will work on projects to improve customer value.

    Peter graduated as Product Engineer in 2016. He is eager to learn everything about customer applications and to find the best product for each unique case. He is entrepreneur minded and always looking for opportunities for unique products and applications.

    In his free time, Peter is passionate about urban sports and helping communities with his sports foundation. Also, he loves to do creative acrobatic stunts.

    Ramona Schoonderbeek


    Ramona joined Pressure Control Solutions in 2017 in the administration department. She has more than 10 years of administrative experience and has worked at several companies that were operating in national and international markets.

    Ramona is responsible for preparing quotations to our customers and she makes sure all the paperwork is correctly filled in for every order. Ramona is also partially responsible for the financial department.

    Thom Winterswijk


    Thom graduated in 2017 for the study IT management. In addition he likes to work on fixing IT related problems. He prefers to spend his spare time learning about new products, gadgets and programs. Also, he likes to travel and spent time with his family and friends.

    Thom has been part of the team since December 2017.

    Most of all Thom works on our website. He manages the layout and comes up with solutions for daily IT-related problems. He also manages the surveys around customer satisfaction and products ratings.


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