Our preferred partners

We understand that you want to be able to fully rely on the support of your supplier. For that reason, we work with A-brand manufacturers only. We want to provide our specialty products for high tech industries and applications as effectively as possible. Therefore we consider our suppliers and customers as partners. We feel that as partners, we can rely on each other and strive for an optimal relationship. In conclusion, a strong relationship where we work together will certainly lead to a higher quality solution and happier end-users.

Hence, we do not only work with Equilibar, but also with selected, highly recommended and renowned suppliers as listed below. Companies who are interested in building a partnership with Pressure Control Solutions are welcome to contact us and open up the conversation!

Photo of the Logo of our preferred partner ILS

Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH

ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH is a privately-held GmbH (limited liability company) based in Berlin, Germany. ILS designs, constructs and performs chemical testing work on custom- and in-house proprietary chemical R&D testing units. Their client base is worldwide and the company serves customers refining, chemicals, polymers, automotive, corrosion and combustion testing communities.

Below you can watch a video from ILS, where the CEO, Anton Nagy, shares his experience with Equilibar and the Equilibar® back pressure regulators that they use in their applications.


photo of logo preferred partners flow control

Pro Control

Pro Control specializes in the design of Process Control Systems for all types of installations. They have successfully implemented an enormous diversity of applications such as high throughput R&D installations, solar cell diffusion ovens, deNOx installations for catalyst testing and specialized machines with vision and integrated robotics.

“Pro Control is a fully independent system integrator, which means that we can offer you the Process Control Systems best suited for your application in compliance with your company standards rather than the other way around. Whether it is for example, a Siemens, Eurotherm, Schneider platform or a National Instruments application, you can rest assured that our know-how will help you find and integrate the best platform for your systems and applications. Pressure Control Solutions and Pro Control have a long-term relationship where we use our complementary expertise to provide cost-efficient and state of the art solutions process-related challenges.”