About us

Pressure Control Solutions is located in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, and was founded in March 2016. Pressure Control Solutions was founded by Armand Bergsma, who then had more than 16 years experience with Bronkhorst and thus knows all about measurement, control of mass flow, pressure and vapor applications.

We provide precision pressure control products, with a focus on products that are uniquely capable of fulfilling the most demanding application requirements. Products like the Equilibar back pressure regulators combined with electronic pressure controllers are a good example of high-value solutions. As a result, we allow users to push their process to its limits. Greater control dynamics, higher pressure, higher temperatures and the use of exotic materials are certainly part of the standard package. Most of all, we always welcome a challenge to discover new fields of applications.

Pressure Control Solutions is an international trading company and is the authorized distributor for Equilibar®, LLC (US) products in Western Europe. We are happy to work with customers in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Flemish Belgium, Austria and the German part of Switzerland.

Products of our own development – such as several electronic pressure controllers – are available also to customers outside this territory.

Our working area

About us - Photo of Our working territory